American leftists: "Fuck Anne Frank"

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May 2 2020 16:48
American leftists: "Fuck Anne Frank"

Not sure if you lot have seen it, but "Fuck Anne Frank" is now a thing among some of the American twitter left (black nationalists and Stalinists):

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May 2 2020 17:03

If one need 3 tweets to explain why "Fuck Anne Frank" doesn't really mean what it means - then perhaps one's choice of a phrase is not entirely optimal. Also, "The American twitter left" seems like a rather dubious grouping. Not nearly as robust as the global libcom webforum anarchists tongue

Having said that - it is true that the Jewish holocaust gets more coverage and media attention in the US than other cases of genocide.

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May 2 2020 18:05

Why is it a competition? What about black Jews? Why didn't they choose an accurate, much less provocative and insulting slogan?

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R Totale
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May 2 2020 18:04

Can anyone provide a brief summary of where this came from, or am I happier not knowing? Had sort of picked up on this second-hand through seeing some of the discussion about "are Jews white?/in what circumstances are Jews white?", some of which is undoubtedly well-meaning but all of which, from what I'd seen, seemed to miss the point that not everywhere is the US and that concepts derived from the social order there might not be that useful when applied to conflicts in Germany, Yugoslavia, Ireland, Rwanda and so on. In passing, I might as well mention that the new Angry Workers book is really really good at looking at the way that ethnic/racial divisions within the working class are created and exploited in specific situations, which seems to be pretty much the opposite of what some of this stuff does.

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May 2 2020 23:30
R Totale wrote:
Can anyone provide a brief summary of where this came from, or am I happier not knowing?*0xANYCrs2CkCBSeY9XWAvg.png

The person who posted it is, apparently, some kind of minor youtube celebrity and a thought leader of an obscure org called "Black Hammer". Wikipedia claims about him:

On December 11, 2017, Omali Yeshitela announced that controversial YouTuber Gazi Kodzo would become the Secretary General of the African People's Socialist Party. In January, it was claimed by the party that Gazi Kodzo was removed from the position and expelled from the party on November 18, 2018 for disciplinary reasons following a vote.[11] Kodzo and other former party members who also recently split from the party deny being removed. In his video records, Kodzo claims he chose to leave the party (see the external links heading for his video responses), and upon learning this the party then issued the statement that Kodzo had been disciplinarily ejected.

In any case, most twitter leftists spoke against these sentiments, although there were some semi-defenders.

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May 3 2020 00:32

he appears to have a history of saying controversial stuff for attention, including antisemitic stuff

if people want to point out how the holocaust get more attention than other genocides this is really the worst way to go about it, and pretty much limits the audience to antisemitis

i think this also shows the total inadequacy of the american framework skin colour based racism for understanding early 20th century fascism, or many other forms of racial discrimination and facism

also there is a big tendency for leftists to make excuses for anti semitism and other reactionary ideas when they are from someone they consider on their side

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May 3 2020 15:52

Their youtube channel is here, I can't watch for longer than 5 secs without switching off:

I thought the "African People's Socialist Party" name sounded familiar. I remember now, this party is the ONLY pan-African black nationalist revolutionary socialist party with an entire section just for white supporters:

The US left is strange in many ways but it is never dull. I wish we had these kinds of sects where I am, all we have are the same old boring Trotskyists.

Generally, I think if you find yourself spending May Day on twitter making multiple chains of tweets explaining to people that "fuck Anne Frank" is not anti-Semitic, you should probably reassess what you're doing with your life.

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R Totale
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May 3 2020 16:46

The fact that they have a "pay reparations" button on their website is beautiful.

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May 3 2020 19:53

it's always seemed like there are many more white supporters than party members.

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May 10 2020 22:49

Brits 1 Yanks 0