Catastrophe in Lebanon

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Aug 5 2020 05:53
Catastrophe in Lebanon

At least 78 dead, and 4000 injured after an enormous explosion at the port of Beirut. Official explanation so far is that this was thousands of tons of seized ammonium nitrate that had been sitting there for years. The casualty toll will likely rise due to the hospitals being entirely overwhelmed. Three hospitals were destroyed in the blast.

Lebanon's economic crisis already brought society to its knees -- now this will add another layer on top. That port is the major port in the country, and for a country so dependent on imports, this is a complete disaster. 80% of Lebanon's wheat entered the country through that port:

It is likely that there will be starvation and mass homelessness. God knows what happens next. The toxic gases and particles released as a result of the explosion will likely cause immeasurable harm both in the short and long term.

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Aug 20 2020 15:47

This also useful covering some of the historical build up to the present crisis: