Chomsky Returns to Anarchism??

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May 29 2020 00:45
Chomsky Returns to Anarchism??

He had this opportunity to expands his thoughts on the promise of anarchism but imho failed miserably

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May 29 2020 01:33

I don't think seeing value in mutual aid initiatives is really enough to be considerd an anarchist or even a socialist. Especially not when he is so hell bent on getting everyone to vote for Biden...

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May 30 2020 14:45

People expect too much of Chomsky.
He is a middle class liberal who has never by his own admission been an activist hence his pacifism and alienation from parts of the Workers Movement.
That said he has been priceless and an education to progressives in general and his linguistics opens up new ways of analysis for propaganda.
I'm just glad that a highly respected intellectual states Anarchism as the base for his analysis and has made some people reassess any previously held misconceptions about Anarchism.