New Facebok Crackdown

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Jan 16 2021 04:01
New Facebok Crackdown

Today, Facebook said it was blocking users from creating events near the inaugural but actually wound-up blocking a wide range of users from posting on groups, it seems like everyone who mentioned the previous events is getting blocked or completely banned, including mainstream people and leftist.

Also, Signal has been down for many people for much of the days.

Now would be a great time for Libcom to revamp it's forums, get yourselves an SSL certificate and so-forth.

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Feb 24 2021 11:44

Lots more going on with Facebook shut downs across a wide rage of political and labour networks. Not a supporter of the SEP but this one caught my eye as illustrative of the range:

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Feb 24 2021 14:26

Internationalist Communists Oceania (a group sympathetic to the ICT in Australia) had been blocked from posting on their Facebook page. But that's due to Facebook's ban on Australian users sharing or viewing news.