New organisation in Bulgaria

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Nov 29 2021 12:48
New organisation in Bulgaria

Today we officially launch the webpage of the new workers' initiative based in Varna.

We are a group of workers who believe that the power for the emancipation of all lies in the working class. Individually we have a wide range of political experiences in various left wing and workers organisations in Europe, the Middle East , and America, but the original members of the group came together in the Confederation of Autonomous Workers (ARK) in Bulgaria. After leaving ARK, we decided to form a new group in other to play an active role in the class struggle, and to open a discussion both here in Bulgaria but also internationally about how workers can struggle and win today.
We believe that the main focus of the class struggle is the workplace. This site is intended as a tool to create discussion amongst militant workers in Bulgaria, across the region, and elsewhere in the world. It tries to explain our experience in working place struggles, and the lessons that we have learnt from them, but more importantly to create a discussion about how to go forward, and to act as a catalyst for action.

We present our first article that looks at our experience as part of the Autonomous Workers Syndicate - ARS (and eventually the ARK). It is part of a series of articles covering the whole history of the union in Varna and concluding with an analysis of the 6 years of active organising in the region.

On the website you can find the full series and other texts that we produced in the last couple of months since we left ARK.

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Dec 1 2021 15:22

Thanks, a very interesting read.

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Dec 8 2021 16:46

Agreed. The last linked article above in 2 parts (with a 3rd to follow) is particularly useful in its background on the situation in Bulgaria pointing up both similarities and differences to the class composition and economic realities found elsewhere across Europe. Could as easily been placed in the 'Organise' section and cross referenced to other examples of a new wave of 'base unionism'. Has a style of learning from both small victories and mistakes made/lessons learned similar to comrades from the 'Angry Workers Group'. There is also an interesting short article about the illusions around 'small businesses'.

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Dec 9 2021 17:25

Mike, I think there are four parts to it. They are all up, and there is also a complete version.

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Dec 9 2021 20:01

Yeah, think this is the full long version: