NHS Demo Report

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Mar 11 2017 14:12
NHS Demo Report

I went to the Save the NHS Demo on 4th March.

These were the following Political and Trade Union Groups I observed at Demo which reached the finish line at Parliament Square.

Socialist Party of Great Britain, Socialist Workers Party, SPGB member (who seemed to be there as an individual rather than as an actual SPGB bloc), Alliance for Workers Liberty, Labour Briefing, various local Labour Party Branches, Green Party, Anarchists waving the red and black flag, Workers Hammer, BMA,Socialist Party and Club Party Bolton, Communist Party of Great Britain Marxism and Leninism, Indian Workers Association GB, Revolutionary Communist Group, Unison, Unite, GMB, Equity, Stand Up to Racism,PCS, Marxist World.

One person held up a placard saying "Go Vegan" whom I think was there not to support the NHS but use the demo as an opportunity to promote Veganism.

When I reached Parliament Square I wish all those attending had spontaneously communicated (myself included), coordinated and networked with each other. Instead, all the different trade unions and political groups kept to themselves and just sold newspapers or flyers or watched journalists, self-made lecturers and MPS give speeches to a big TV screen. It felt like the sole focus on big TV screen and on Newspapers and leaflets was anintermediary deflecting attention from building up action.

There was some great artwork by demonstrators. One person made placards with Jeremy Hunt face being repeatedly spalttered by creampie by creampie made out of cotton wool repeadtly hitting face of Jeremy Hunt. A group of midwives had placards saying

"Midwives know a cunt when they see one"

underneath a photo of Jeremy Hunt. The best artwork was a home made vulture tearing into the logo of the NHS.

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Mar 12 2017 00:08

Thanks for the info, sounds like it went well for what it was, with a lot of people. Even the Daily Mail reported it was a quarter of a million apparently, despite some groups, like Unison, initially not wanting to support it

but yeah in addition to the problems you mention, too often these things to "defend the NHS" means people have a bit of a walk around, then go home, while the NHS continues to be run down and sold off