NHS pay offer

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Mar 9 2018 13:57
NHS pay offer

Today the Guardian reported that the government is offering NHS workers a 6.5% pay rise over three years on the proviso that they give up a days holiday pay which would mean a pay cut. Looks like the unions are going to try to force through the deal. Will be interesting if the workers will accept this paltry offer. If not will they either be angry enough or have enough confidence to go out on strike against the unions as well as the government.

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Mar 10 2018 10:57

A nurse I know posted this:

A ) The proposed increase is 3% for 2018-2019, the level of inflation. This is therefore a pay freeze.

B ) This would be followed by 1-2% "rises" for two years, definitely below inflation and so actually a pay cut.

C ) Jeremy Hunt needs to keep his grubby hands off our annual leave unless he wants them cut off.


E ) We should be striking over this, but Unison and the RCN are pathetic institutions full of and led by snivelling, spineless scumfucks.

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Apr 1 2018 22:29

Solidarity in your struggle. Working in a local council, where we're experiencing a similar situation surrounding pay negotiations involving UNISON.

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Apr 2 2018 11:27


I am in Unison and all Unison have shared with me is two emails including a link to this


and asking me to fill in a survey on pay rise offers by email which I was unable to answer due to seeing too late.

Not had nothing through the post like voting card to either reject or accept offer.

To clarify the pay offer is absolute bollocks and I would reject in any vote, poll or survery.

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Apr 2 2018 17:01

Yeah I really hope this gets rejected. I am in local government Unison, we got a pay offer worth 4% over two years for most people (with more for the lower paid, admittedly worth up to 16% over two years for them).

A very slim majority rejected the offer (although where branches like mine campaigned for a rejection, we got a very strong vote to reject). So now the national union are consulting again to try to get branches to okay then reversing their position, which was to reject the deal, to accept it. By the way they are running the consultation, they are pretty much guaranteeing that they will be successful in this.