Russian antifascists fundraiser

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Dec 13 2018 16:09
Russian antifascists fundraiser

** Russian anti-fascists under attack: Urgent fundraiser launched **
Russian anti-fascists are struggling against a brutal wave of repression which has featured kidnappings, savage beatings, torture and fabricated court cases. Eleven anti-fascists are facing lengthy jail sentences. We are calling for everybody opposed to racism, xenophobia, fascism and the upsurge of far-right populism sweeping the world to help raise funds. We aim to raise £2,000 from the UK. Please donate now at the link below. Solidarity is a weapon.

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Dec 17 2018 12:03

In London there is a solidarity demo with Russian antifascist on the 19th of January:

Followed the same evening by a talk and joint-benefit gig :