Spanish and Greek anarcho-syndicalism fighting for trade workers.

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Jul 4 2017 12:18
Spanish and Greek anarcho-syndicalism fighting for trade workers.

In the last two months four news leap into our eyes. Four new aggressions that surely are part of many more:

Greece: Tsipras' "government of change", following the latest memorandum (ie the latest package of cuts), has freed shops to open 32 Sundays a year in tourist areas. eye! Greece is a country where until just two years ago only a limited number of Sundays could be opened (you are informed in the link Fights in Greece against the abusive schedules: Zara-Inditex means flexibility).
Alicante: Through links like this one of the media we learn that this summer they are going to open in the city every Sunday of the summer in the commercial centers.
Palencia: In our neighboring city we intend to do three Shopping ("Showpping") Night in the same year. Well our opposition in this city is well known. Opposition of which Patronal and Town Hall (also here "of the change") continue to look the other way. In Palencia will therefore open the stores three days until 00.00h.
Valladolid: We finish at home. Here, in Rio Shopping, the IKEA company opens this summer half an hour more than usual. Instead of closing at 22.00h is closing at 22.30. This schedule will be applied until September 15. Those who work or frequent the Rio Shopping well know that in summer the shopping center is the deadliest time. So, if they open on these dates now ... what will happen later.

The aggressions in the Commerce sector do not stop day by day. From CNT we can not do less than continue highlighting it and call the awareness and the organization to put a stop to all this.

Aggressions, but also resistances

We name some of the resistances that face this deterioration of the working conditions, knowing that they are part of many more:

Greece: Trade workers continue to organize and take action. They have been doing it for years and today they are still organizing and planting faces. They maintain an Action Coordinator against Sundays and Holidays every day more powerful. In other words, the CNT, with its internationalist character, maintains ties with the Greek colleagues to support us in what we consider appropriate.
Valladolid: Workers at the Stradivarius (INDITEX) store have formalized a Trade Union Section at CNT to address the injustices in their store (which are totally extrapolable to other stores). Since then, with the help of the rest of the union and also facing the difficulties that the company of Amancio puts, improvements are being achieved.

Victories that illuminate paths

El Comercio is slowly awakening, as is the rest of the sectors. The struggles and workers' victories through various strikes are attesting to this revitalization: stevedores have stopped strikes after not having dismissed a single dismissal, Voskwagen workers have ended the indefinite strike after achieving among other issues a 14 ,2%. Other companies that have been and are examples of struggle and victory, only these last two months are: Cuétara, the already famous "kellys", residences of Bizkaia, services of cleaning of the airport of Ibiza, actors and actresses of dubbing ... and luckily A long etc. It is clear that the union organization and the strikes grow.

It is a fact that the union organization and the strikes are growing. That the resistance grows, that in the struggle we find different people and groups and we like because we feel strong and able to improve our living conditions. We make ties, we weave nets and we become strong as working class that we are.

At CNT we are workers and workers like you, and we work on building a tool to improve working conditions, also in a sector as punished as Commerce in which they abuse our disorganization. A tool that you can make yours from tomorrow. Do not hesitate and take the plunge, contact and get organized!

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This should be (with some better corrections/formatting) a news article.