Submitted by meerov21 on November 11, 2017

"In real life, Iran's dominance can bring many problems. The fate of hundreds of autonomous self-governing cities in Syria, such as Idlib and Daraa, which is in this case subject to the Iranian empire and Assad, is troubling. In these cities there will be massacres, and then dictatorships will be organized...:. Self-government in Arab cities is the pearl of the Arab Spring. One can even say that this is a genuine manifestation of a number of elements of anarchism, of course, not of the savage subcultural anarchism that we can observe on the streets of European cities, but of the kind of anarchism that anarchist thinkers like Peter Kropotkin, Murray Bookchin, James Scott dreamed of. We are talking about an armed revolution of autonomous municipalities that rely on local residents and have learned to live without the state, providing the population with products and communal services...."