New on "ideas & action": "Workers power not bureaucrats' power..."

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New on "ideas & action": "Workers power not bureaucrats' power..."

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Workers’ power not bureaucrats'
power: lessons from Argentina'

By Jonathan Payn, South Africa

Around the world the ruling class (capitalists, politicians and state managers)
is trying to restore its profits by making the working class pay for the
economic crisis. One way capitalists do this is by retrenching workers and
making the remaining workers work harder to meet production targets, as well as
by attacking wages, working conditions and benefits. States help capitalists do
this, among other things, by increasing interest rates while giving corporations
tax cuts, commercialising and privatising state owned enterprises and
outsourcing the provision of basic services. States also help capitalists by
undermining workers’ rights, such as the right to strike, in order to make it
more difficult for workers to resist these attacks.

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