The WWP is splitting

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Feb 6 2019 17:36
Reddebrek wrote:
A Maoist group in Texas Red Guards Austin (who I thought had disbanded but I guess not)

They probably wanted to go under the radar so they could hoard grain for Peoples War, or so they could get the drop on some unsuspecting sparrows that were eating a hardworking Texan peasants grain or something. Maoists are bizarre.

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May 16 2019 09:49
Reddebrek wrote:
Yeah I've seen that doing the rounds. Its good that a large percentage of the membership of such a group are willing to walk over sexual harassment,

But that letter in particular was written by someone whose been very active in many harassment campaigns themselves, dredging up identifying information of critics and assumed critics. Hopefully this is the start of the turning of a new leaf, but certain passages in that letter don't give me much hope.

Bit of an update, the author of the medium article recently started posting images from dating apps of people she's fallen out with, so it looks like the online harassment and exposing of personal information continues.

Also apparently there are now accusations that she raised ten thousand dollars apparently for cancer treatment, and then took the money and moved to Europe.

Its a bit hard to get details, partly because the online members/supporters of the PSL, WWP and its splinters are currently embroiled in a number of other strange scandals and feuds. This seems to be what the WWP/PSL is about nowadays.

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R Totale
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May 16 2019 18:34

I just had a look into that world and I feel like I'm trying to catch up on a very long-running, very bizarre soap opera when I've not watched an episode for about six months. I've still never seen an episode of GoT, but I imagine watching the series finale and trying to guess everything that's gone on so far would probably be slightly less taxing and dramatic than trying to catch up with the world of online tank beef.

Mike Harman
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Jan 31 2020 12:41

A few of the younger members of the Communist Party of Canada, (including one of their better known members at least on twitter, Clara Sorrenti) just publicly resigned. Explicitly citing lack of internationalism (i.e. support for the Chinese state) as one of the reasons they resigned.

The CPC is closest to the WWP/PSL in the US and the CPGB-ML in the UK.

As always very happy to see individuals get out of the worst possible groups, and hopefully help other people find things to do other than join them as well as finding a better trajectory themselves. No long-form written statement that I've seen yet.

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Feb 1 2020 10:13

In other Stalinist news, the Communist Party of Australia had a split last year, with some shearing off to create the creatively named Australian Communist Party. From what I can tell the differences were more personal/organisational as opposed to strictly ideological, it had something to do with the soup kitchen programme they run and a group of young people around the (now former gen. sec. Bob Briton), but I did see some comments on reddit from members on both sides mentioning extra things like dissatisfcation with the CPA's "united front" approach with the Labor Party and a somewhat more critical line on China.

One of the few people the ACP follows on twitter is the Sorrenti woman you mention, interestingly they've retweeted one of her more anti-Chinese govt. tweets:

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Feb 3 2020 06:19
Mike Harman wrote:
No long-form written statement that I've seen yet.

There was a podcast released by Sorenti that was about the resignation, I didn't listen to it, but It was on "The Communist current" which used to be the official podcast of the Canadian communist party.