Submitted by happyanarchy on September 7, 2016

In Brisbane, IWW will hold a solidarity action for the call for General Strike of prisoners in USA on 9th September.

Info stall at midday, Radcliffe Square, near Brisbane City Library, CBD, Friday 9th Sept. Some of the materials we will be handing out are here for public download. This link also includes some other links to news and calls outs for the action. No doubt an internet search brings up the rest.

The above link includes the very awesome zine "Don't Forget Those On the Inside" by an activist from BSN. It is recent, Australian specific and provides a great critic of the Prison Industrial Complex, as well as personal stories from Queensland you'll never find elsewhere.

There will also be a Prisons show on 4ZzZ 102.1fm 12pm Friday 9th Sept on the show Paradigm Shift. If you aren't in Brisbane you can still listen in by Live Streaming or listen in later
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