Statement by Hameeda Khan, ASF Secretary

Submitted by Lugius on September 12, 2016

Statement by Hameeda Khan, Secretary of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, the Australian section of the International Workers Association.

The ASF recently concluded its 12th Congress where it was reaffirmed and acknowledged that any decision regarding the IWA is made at a duly constituted Congress of the IWA and nowhere else. The ASF acknowledges that all decisions taken at IWA Congress and ratified by its constituent sections are binding on all sections of the IWA

The ASF adheres to the methods of anarcho-syndicalism organisation; the workers assembly as the basis of workers self-organisation founded on the priniciples of equal decision-making, accountability, transparency, limited mandate founded on a federalist organisational structure.

The ASF reaffirms solidarity with all other sections of the IWA acknowledging that in order to fight global transnational elites, workers must organise on the basis of internationalism.

The ASF reaffirms the principle of direct action which acknowledges no role for the State in the conduct and organisation of the workers assemblies whose role is not only to gain the best renumeration and conditions of work but also to prepare for the expropriation of the means of production as a prerquisite for the creation of a free and equal society.

Long Live the International Workers Association!

Hameeda Khan, Secretary of the ASF