Solidarity Call In for DHL courier worker

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Oct 18 2019 15:55
Solidarity Call In for DHL courier worker

Dear friends,

The West-London Solidarity Network IWW has been contacted by a worker who worked as a self-employed courier driver for LMN Couriers, which in turn have a contract with DHL in Tunbridge Wells.

We had a series of similar cases where workers, primarily from Bulgaria, are not paid their final pay. The company finds excuses, such as damages to the van or missing parcels.

We had a series of letter exchanges with LMN Courier management, but they don’t want to budge. Next week we will contact DHL directly and announce a picket at Tunbridge Wells depot in case they don’t sort out the issue with their subcontractor.

In the meantime please help building up pressure by either phoning or texting the owners of LMN Couriers from Monday onwards. Please be firm but polite. You can also email them and copy DHL in the email.

In solidarity
West-London SolNet


You can use following text or script:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I contact you in support of Andranik who used to work through LMN Couriers at DHL Tunbridge Wells depot. He has not been paid his final payment for work he performed as a DHL parcel delivery courier. The IWW trade union has tried to solve the issue amicably.

We encourage you to settle the issue promptly, otherwise we have to consider installing a union picket at the depot.

Kind regards


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Jan 14 2020 07:43

Hmm, might need to share this. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!