Support sacked postie!

Please support a comrade and workplace militant, who was sacked from the Canada Post for honking his horn in support of Occupy protesters.

This is basically the same thing as this, but I thought folks should no that this isn't just a random solidarity callout. This is a long-time militant who is a very rank-and-file successful organiser.

He's been sacked from the Canada Post for honking in support of Occupy protesters. It's obviously a stitch up with management looking for an excuse to sack a successful organiser and militant steward.

Please do take a minute to send off an email:

For UK posters, here's a template you can use to let them know that their actions are being watched on the other side of the Atlantic, too:

I would like to send my deepest solidarity to victimised Canadian postal worker and trade unionist Nick Driedger. I also unreservedly condemn the actions of Canada Post in sacking Nick for the supposed offence of honking in support of Occupy protesters.

As an individual and a member of various organisations, I will publicise this injustice as widely as possible and intend to let Canada Post know that their actions won't go unnoticed not only in Canada and North America, but in the UK as well.

I intend to speak to trade unionists and all other individuals concerned with justice and workers' rights to encourage them to attend solidarity demonstrations, protests, or pickets that may occur on Nick's behalf.

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Chilli Sauce
Feb 14 2012 15:17


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jef costello
Feb 14 2012 15:29

will do.
Good luck.

Feb 14 2012 17:46

Is he okay to have himself outed as a libcom poster?

Feb 14 2012 23:29

without wanting to chip in, maybe this should be taken down until it is verified he doesn't mind being identified as a libcom poster?

Feb 14 2012 23:39

Emails sent

Chilli Sauce
Feb 15 2012 00:38

Fair enough, my thinking is that he's been pretty open with his real name and his political ties are pretty evident from the link. I'm emailing him right now, in any case.

Chilli Sauce
Feb 20 2012 18:21

Anybody know if there's been any updates on this?

Chilli Sauce
Apr 24 2012 20:47

Any updates on this?

Apr 24 2012 21:32

As far as I know, it's in the courts at the moment so the person can't really comment until it is resolved