Submitted by R Totale on October 25, 2020

Kind of related to the union thread, but imo separate enough to be worth having its own discussion, I was wondering what thoughts people had about how to break out of the "jobs versus health" trap around covid. There's plenty of examples to choose from, I was thinking specifically about how there's a section of workers - cleaners, receptionists, security guards, catering staff, etc - whose employment depends on other people being in physical workplaces, and who'll be largely made redundant by a shift to WFH. Beyond that, there's the whole retail and service/hospitality sectors, who've obviously been hit hard so far and don't look likely to improve any time soon. With all these cases, what's best from a "defending jobs" perspective might well clash with a public health one. Now, it's not our job to solve the contradictions of capitalism, but does anyone think there's any kind of plausible short-term demands that point to a way out of this? Universal basic furlough for everyone? No demands, loot everything? Ask Rishi Sunak really nicely to do a Green New Deal? Would genuinely be keen to hear if anyone has any better, less flippant answers to that question.