My Videos on World-Systems Analysis.

Submitted by Ivysyn on June 29, 2021

I'm doing an ongoing video series explaining world-systems analysis on my channel and I wanted to give them some extra promotion. Feel free to leave feedback. This is the playlist.

Lucky Black Cat

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Hello! Watched both videos a few days ago so my memory of them is foggy but I'm interested to see where this series goes. You've talked about the failures of past revolutionary attempts and it seems your building towards offering some advice on how to avoid those same mistakes and be more successful in the future.

If I could offer a suggestion it would be that your titles IMO need improvement in terms of clearly communicating what your videos are about.

"What Is The Modern World-System" > you talk about capitalism as a global system, which is something many people are interested in learning about, but from that title they wouldn't realize that this is what the video is about

"Antisystemic Movements" > you talk about revolutionary socialist and national liberation movements, which again is something many people are interested in, but again the title obscures the topic