Weekly Worker on Bordiga

Submitted by ajjohnstone on October 22, 2021

Aware that there are some on this website who are authorities on Bordiga, I thought they might be interested in this Weekly Worker article offering an analysis of him


The Weekly Worker editorial policy on publishing critical letters is admirable compared with other leftwing journals


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It's true enough that Togliatti's party tried to erase Bordiga from history, that Lenin's arguments in Left-Wing Communism were not primarily aimed at Bordiga (whom Lenin even says in the pamphlet he "had too little opportunity to acquaint [himself] with"), that the Italian Left had a different verdict on the Bolsheviks than the German-Dutch Left, and that the Communist Party of Italy under Bordiga was not some sect detached from mass politics. But really this is nothing new.

What's more interesting is that publications at odds with the politics of the Italian Left, like Weekly Worker and Jacobin, are nowadays hosting articles on Bordiga, treating him as a character of historical interest, still without of course engaging with what actual groups of the Italian Left in existence today have to say.

For a more critical political appraisal of Bordiga, see the book Bordiga Beyond the Myth.