Advice for North East?

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Aug 2 2016 14:10
Advice for North East?

I'm new to this forum and the anarchist community in general. I'm looking at leaving my current situation and getting involved with activism and anarchist groups and I was wondering if anyone here had any advice?
I have very little money and currently no source of income or anywhere to live. If anyone has any advice or resources for the north east, around durham or newcastle especially, that would be really useful.

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Aug 3 2016 12:01

Hi Jim,

If you're looking for groups to get in touch with in the NE, have a look at the Solidarity Federation local in Newcastle ( or the Communist Workers’ Organisation in Durham (

If you need financial help or a place to stay and don't know anyone in the NE, you could contact one of the local charities (Shelter, Crisis, People's Kitchen, that kind of stuff). They might at least give you some advice or immediate help.

Hope that helps.

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Aug 4 2016 13:15

Thanks for your help smile

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Aug 7 2016 22:10

I also heard a rumour that the SPGB were re-activating their NE branch if that's anything like your thing. Hopefully they'll have some political discussions at the very least.

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Aug 9 2016 02:31

In addition you should avoid NEA (North East Anarchists) and NEAF (North East Anti Fascists). While it's still run on Facebook as just a page it isn't an active group at all with only 1/2 members who are relecutantly fixated on wanting to be leaders or in charge of the group which resulted in the collapse of the groups itself.

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Aug 9 2016 21:39

From the North East Forum

I have provisionally arranged a branch Meeting to be held on Monday 15th August 7-30- 9-30 to be hald at:

The Glebe Centre
Durham Place
County Durham

Don Fugg
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Aug 13 2016 17:55

Hi Jim,

I'm a member of Newcastle Solidarity Federation, an anarcho-syndicalist group based in the toon but we have members in Sunderland and Teesside too. Give us an email on if you're interested in joining or just want to know more.

In terms of housing/financial issues I'd follow Dyjbas' advice above.

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Aug 25 2016 10:35

This is fantastic thanks everyone.
It looks like I'll be living in Durham for the near future, but since Newcastle isn't too far I'll try and get involved with the SolFed as much as possible once I get settled. And if you feel like expanding out into Durham more I'll definitely be happy to help.

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Mar 4 2019 22:01

Hi there, I know this post is over 2 years old but I was searching for north east anarchists and wondered if you managed to find anything or anyone? Were you successful, have you managed to organise much? I am currently part of the North East Anarchist Group, which we created a few months back, with the aim of being an intersectional anarchist collective / synthesis group. we can be found on social media (Facebook and twitter) where you can find more information about us if you’re interested in getting involved. Not sure if this will reach you or not, but I’m putting it out there anyway in case you or anyone else sees it. Cheers!