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Who PhD
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Oct 3 2017 09:02
DWP Staff

Given how the unemployed and the sick are being treated, isn't it time we took the fight to the staff themselves?

I get that they are operating in a shit system, and certainly not all of them are scumbags. But there are those it seems gleefully pushing the poorest among us into the direst of straits. That cannot be excused just because they are part of the system and working class. There must be a line that cannot be crossed.

Now i'm not saying we petrol bomb their homes or stab them in the JC (though i'm surprised that hasn't happened yet tbh). But within our communities they should be shunned and marginalised. These are their choices and they need to be shown the consequences where appropriate.

This should be done hand in hand with educating them and getting their unions to actually take action, because god knows the PCS don't seem to care.