Housing and Planning Bill threats!

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Mar 18 2016 13:24
Housing and Planning Bill threats!

Some inconsistencies and conflicting U-turns aside the general trend in UK government housing policies over the years from New Labour on has been to ramp up the cost of housing for the majority of the working class, further restrict security of tenure and break up established working class communities where traditions of collective resistance to attacks has been strongest.
This latest legislation brings forward a further and sharper move in that same direction with as yet only limited organised resistance, if with some encouraging exceptions that might spark a wider response.
See here for a useful summary:

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Mar 18 2016 13:34

Before being elected David Cameron claimed in April 2010 ‘The Conservative Party has ‘no policy to change the current or future security of tenure of tenants in social housing.’ (Inside Housing - 6 August 2010)

For more background info; http://libcom.org/news/demolition-social-housing-29062011