Kent Anarchist Group - next meeting 10th October, Canterbury

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Oct 2 2008 08:13
Kent Anarchist Group - next meeting 10th October, Canterbury

If you are interested in attending please PM me for details or email

We are planning to set up two groups in Kent - one covering the Thanet area and the other Medway towns up to Gravesend/Dartford and across Maidstone (meetings for this group probably to be held in Rochester).

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Jul 5 2019 13:43

We announce a new group of the Anarchist Communist Group in the Dover and Folkestone area. Anyone there or elsewhere in South East Kent should contact us via the national address. Meanwhile our West London group is continuing to develop.

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Jan 21 2020 12:36

I'm a member, feel free to PM me if you want to contact the local group in Kent, I'm the local secretary.

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Jan 4 2021 14:25

Hey SlimTim

Is there still any local activity in Kent?

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Serge Forward
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Jan 4 2021 21:20

Try here: