Merseyside 'Marxist' Book Fair 2019

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Nov 1 2019 16:09
Merseyside 'Marxist' Book Fair 2019

This is mostly an assembly of the usual Leftist groups (apart from the SWP) but I noticed that the IWW, ACORN and the SPGB have managed to get stalls and workshop space, though it appears the local Left Communists weren't welcome.

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Nov 3 2019 16:40

At the moment as I understand it the CWO hasn't had any confirmation we're not welcome; we're still waiting for the organisers to get back to us to let us know if we can participate. Unfortunately, they seem to be taking their time letting us know what the situation is, which makes it difficult to know what to tell people.

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Nov 17 2019 17:42

It's fair to say now that the CWO has been ignored on purpose by the organisers with no explanation provided - meanwhile more groups from the left of capital have been added...

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Nov 17 2019 20:52