Oct 2019 UK Strike news

Submitted by Spikymike on October 12, 2019

This site has a very useful news update on the latest strikes ongoing in the UK:

R Totale

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People might be interested in the two tours mentioned in that post -
Solidarity (Blacklisting film):
17 October Cinema & Co, Swansea
18 October Mockingbird Cinema, Birmingham
19 October Derby Quad, Derby
25 October Document Film Festival, CCA Glasgow
30 October Phoenix Cinema, Leicester
4 November Art House Crouch End, London
7 November Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle
16 November Undercover policing and trade unions (Conference), Greenwich University.

Riding for Deliveroo book tour:

October 24th, Nottingham.
October 25th, Sheffield.
October 26th, Manchester.