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Aug 16 2019 15:05
Potential stockists for print publications

So, I've had a lot of time on my hands at work this week, and noticed the ACG's new list of places that stock Jackdaw, which got me to thinking about other places that might be willing to stock anarcho/radical print publications.
A few suggestions: I guess most decent-sized cities have a free local listings mag along the lines of Time Out/Now Then/The Crack/Left Lion or whatever, which usually havea list of "you can find this mag in the following places", which would be useful for local freesheets - I guess that not everywhere that stocks a free local listings mag will also be willing to stock an anarcho freesheet, but some probably will.
The Booksellers' Association has a big searchable database of bookshops, or there's also the Alliance of Radical Booksellers, which has a shorter list, although I think a few of those are out of date/closed already.
Most places will have a trades/labour club, again the majority probably won't be that keen on anarcho/ultra-left publications but it sounds like there's one or two who already stock Jackdaw, so if anyone wants to go down that road there's a big list on Yell, which again might be worth trying, especially for local freesheets?
There's a listing of UK and Ireland zine libraries here.
Could also try looking through the list of places that hosted events for Antiuniversity or the Anarchist Festival, or places that are hosting a bookfair this year? The Freedom/Organise listing of social centres is also a good one to check, and has a few places not listed as Jackdaw stockists like the Warehouse in Birmingham, BASE in Bristol, Gentileza in Cardiff Ground in Hull, Wharf Chambers in Leeds, The Field in London, Star & Shadow in Newcastle, OARC in Oxford and Heartcure in Sheffield.

Other miscellaneous suggestions of places that could be worth trying - note I'm not trying to start a beef thread, and haven't even been to half of these places, so apologies in advance if I list any spaces that are run by arseholes or anyone has massive issue with etc, also that I'm being a massive lifestylist and assuming that there's a good chance that any veggie/vegan cafe I can think of may well be willing to leave radical papers lying around:
Aberdeen – Black Cat/Krakatoa, Aberdeen Social Centre
Belfast – Catalyst, Just Books
Bristol – Exchange, Cube Cinema
Chesterfield – Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centre
Durham – Could try Redhills, I suppose?
Edinburgh – Lighthouse Bookshop
Glasgow – Spirit of Revolt archive, Aye Aye Books
Hastings – Printed Matter Bookshop
Hexham – Cogito Books
Kendal – Left on the Shelf Books
Lancaster – Atticus
Leeds – Temple of Boom, Brudenell Social Club
Liverpool – The Casa, Egg café, Black-E
Manchester/Salford – Working Class Movement Library, Old Abbey Taphouse, Fuel Cafe, Green Fish Resource Centre, Moston Miners Club, Salford Unemployed & Community Resource Centre
Middlesborough – Boro Bookworm
Newcastle – Tyne & Wear Centre Against Unemployment
Nottingham – Sparrows’ Nest, Nottingham Contemporary, Books & Pieces, Mechanics Institute, JT Soar
Preston – The Birley
Reading – The Warehouse, Reading International Solidarity Centre
Saltburn – Shanti Cafe
Sheffield – Blue Moon Cafe, Foodhall, Union Street, Red Haus Books
Swindon – Central Community Centre
Wakefield – Red Shed

Well, I hope that list's of some use to someone, compiling it did at least help me kill a fair bit of time at work this week. Feel free to add your own suggestions.

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Aug 17 2019 07:10

Thanks, that should prove very useful

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Aug 17 2019 09:30

Apologies but I have c+p much of the info for the SPGB

My appreciation

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Aug 17 2019 10:33

Great post R Totale!
Very useful and functional!

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Serge Forward
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Aug 17 2019 16:47

Top notch post that. Nice one, R Totale.

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R Totale
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Jul 24 2021 14:18

Bumping this now places are opening up again, since I noticed Dope magazine has a good list of contacts in the back - not totally sure, but I think this list of Dog Section stockists is probably pretty much the same thing: