SHAF-Surrey & Hampshire Anarchist Federation

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Mar 5 2017 19:28
SHAF-Surrey & Hampshire Anarchist Federation

Hi all, just thought I would post something about the Surrey and Hampshire branch of the Anarchist Federation.

Surrey & Hampshire Anarchist Federation is a branch of the UK-wide Anarchist Federation

SHAF is pretty active, having meetings every two months, we`ve had a stall in crawley in September of last year and we are discussing making stalls a fairly regular thing, till we can organise demos and such, we did also used to regularly give out the AFs news paper, Resistance until recently, outside Guildford train station, we`ll be finding a new train station to give them out.

We will also be linking up with Brighton and Reading Solidarity Federation branches and Leith hill protection camp.

We have also talked about setting up a food kitchen, further discussion on how we`re gonna do this will be at our next meeting this month.

So if you live locally and interested in getting involved here is our email and we are also on Facebook aswell under the name SHAF/Surrey & Hampshire Anarchist Federation.

Thank you.