5th March return (Mar 1985)

Submitted by R Totale on May 1, 2020


Gently smiled the weak Spring sunshine
In the breeze the banners stirred
Early morning, met the Comrades
Waiting for the starters word.

Moving forward, like a river
Brothers marching, side by side
Men and women, both together
Mothers watching sons, with pride

There, inside the distant heapstead
Motionless, for just a year
Waits the cage, to take them downward
And the silent winding-gear

Warriors, without an army
All their meagre savings spent
Fighting for their childrens future
Heads are bloody, but unbent

Now, returning as a Union
To their place of work again
Not dishonoured, nor defeated
March the loyal Mining Men

Follow in your Fathers footsteps
Endless though the conflict seems
They may murder your ambitions
Never let them touch your Dreams

Nobody who saw the men go back on that day, could fail to be proud of the ones who remained 100% loyal to the NUM.