Submitted by Juan Conatz on February 21, 2015

As “disability” and “ability” are often designations which can change depending on social context, we strive to make our and the other organizations with which we work maximally accessible for all people.

We oppose hierarchies and judgments of human worth based upon differences in physical or mental ability, structure or functioning. Everyone has the right to be accepted and understood on their own terms, and should not have to live with the labels imposed externally by others.

In relation to mental illness, we recognize that many mental differences cause significant impairment of life functioning and are experienced as illness, and we advocate support and treatment without stigma. Mental health services today are often dehumanizing and disempowering, and we seek a society in which those with mental health needs are cared for in a manner which respects their dignity.

As capitalism only values those who can help create a profit, those who cannot help make a profit due to physical or mental differences often are stigmatized, locked out of the workforce, impoverished, denied care and made homeless. We seek an Anarchist-Communist society where everyone is fully materially supported and free to contribute to society in their own way.