About Shift

An introduction to Shift magazine.

Shift Magazine: Against austerity and social control

The first issue of Shift Magazine was published in summer 2007 in Manchester and it continued until September 2012. 5 issues of Shift were printed in this time as well as online material being commissioned and published.

Shift magazine emerged out of a desire for a space where people involved in radical politics could discuss ideas, tactics and strategies. We wanted to try and bridge the seeming gap between “talking theory” and “doing politics”. In the process this meant relating discussions about broad questions and themes to contemporary forms of organising and doing politics. These discussions could be difficult and sometimes controversial but we were committed to having them. For a longer discussion on the politics and experiences of the project, check out our editorial in issue 15.

Shift engaged in debates around the politics of climate change, anti-fascism, migration and the politics of austerity and the cuts. the Shift team put on workshops and discussion events in Manchester and at events such as Climate Camp and No Border camps. It had articles translated and printed in mobilisation magazines and other publications.

Most of the contributions were commissioned, however sometimes call outs were re-published as well as analysis.

Website: www.shiftmag.co.uk

Email: shiftmagazine [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk (this will close sometime in 2013)

twitter: [at]shiftzine