Submitted by Spartacus on January 11, 2011

This pamphlet was written by Tom Bramble on behalf of the Brisbane Defend Our Unions Committee. The analysis contained within is very much the product of a collective effort by all members of the Committee, but special credit is due to Carole Ferrier, Allan Gardiner, Georgina Murray, Jeff Rickertt, and Martin Thomas from the Committee and to Mick Armstrong, Diane Fieldes, Tom O'Lincoln, Liz Ross, and Stuart Svensen from Sydney and Melbourne who read and made extremely valuable comments on earlier drafts. Finally, many thanks are due to Patrick's wharfie and MUA member (since 1971) Mick Fulton for his central involvement in the work of the Committee and his valuable insights into the tactics of the union as the campaign unfolded.

ISBN number: TBA

October 1998

The members of the Committee, which met weekly through the dispute, were as follows (in alphabetical order):

Jane Amos
Carolyn Bates
Tom Bramble
Carole Ferrier
Mick Fulton
Allan Gardiner
Lachlan Hurse
Murray Kane
Shirley Moran
Georgina Murray
Bernie Neville
Dan O'Neill
Billie Perrier
Phil Perrier
Jeff Rickertt
Martin Thomas
Peter Thomas
Melissa White