Anti-Imperialist Call to Action: May 4th 2002 Kent State

Submitted by Juan Conatz on June 29, 2014

The government of the United States and complicit governments around the world are waging an un-ending war of retribution and imperialism. And the war is spreading. Israel is using this war as an excuse to heighten attacks on Palestinians who’ve been terrorized since Israel first colonized their homeland. The US continues to attack, threaten the Iraqi people with escalated bombings, and still backs UN sanctions that result in thousands of innocent lives lost every month. Meanwhile Bush is laying the groundwork for Nuclear War. People that refuse to take part in, or that even question this sickening slaughter are threatened and coerced into complacency so that Bush can claim to have built a powerful Coalition to wage his war. Here in the US, we’ve seen round ups, lockdowns, human rights violations and racist terrorism committed against Muslim and Arab and South Asian people across the country. This shit is way past due for some real resistance right here at home. We need to start bringing the energy and spirit of the anti-globalization movement with us into this battle. This isn’t just about a war, a corporation, or a bank; it’s ultimately about US efforts toward total economic and military domination of the world.

George Bush and the rest of his cohorts around the globe spin their propaganda campaign to paint any country they wish as “harborers of terrorists.” By this they mean any country that is generally opposed to US foreign policy of corruption and greed or that shows any desire to fight back. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to take our message and our rage into the streets on a day that history has held as a turning point in US aggression home and abroad. On May 4, 1970, 4 students at Kent State were slain by the same murderous government that now wages this so called “war on terrorism.” We know that the real global terrorists aren’t in Palestine, Columbia, Philippines, or Korea, but in Washington D.C. in the Capital, the White House and the office buildings that dot the cityscape. On this day that is so important to our heritage of resistance we choose to stand up and take another step in turning this un-ending “war on terrorism” into unending Social Revolution.

Burning River Revolutionary Anarchist Collective calls on all anti-imperialists to the campus of Kent State University May 4th 2002 to help build the movement against US economic or military imperialism and aggression.