Appendix 2: Partial list of Anarchists and Anarcho-Syndicalists in Bolshevik Concentration Camps in Bulgaria

Submitted by Reddebrek on April 1, 2018

1. ALEXANDER DIMITROFF ALEXIEFF - Engineering student, age 28, of IsvorRadomirsko. Put on trial by the fascists, he spent one and a half years prior to September 9th, 1945 in the black labour companies of fascist Bulgaria. History repeats itself today under the bolshevik regime. In 1945 this comrade passed nearly six months in “Doupnitza” Camp, and he has now again been interned, for the past nine months in the camp at Pernik for being a member of an anarchist students organisation, and for having taken part, in March 1947 in a movement organised by anarchist students against a decree levelled against the students.

2. ATANASS DIMITROFF MECHCAROFF - Age 28, of Potravo Sveti-Vrachco. Teacher and modest anarchist militant. He had the sympathy of his pupils. Judging him to be “dangerous,” the Bolshevik authorities interned him, a year and a half ago in “Bogdanovdol” camp.

3. ANDON DOMOUSCHIEFF - Turner. Interned a month ago in Cuciyan camp because he made propaganda in Jambol, his native town, for a free union organisation of the workers.

4. VASSILTODOROFF JARDANOFF - Age 44. Printer and anarchist militant. Underwent long years of illegality and exile during the fascist regime. Twice on trial before the fascists. Left prison on September 9th, 1945. He has been in “CuciyanPernik” camp for last 9 months, for having advocated anarcho-syndicalism to the workers of Sofia.

5. VENCESLAV IVANOFF BRANDOFF - Agricultural student, age 25, of VisocaMaguila-Doupnichco. Interned for past seven months at Cuciyan because, with some other comrades, he distributed tracts for the anniversary of the great poet and anarchist, Cristo Boteff.

6. VASSILIANCOFF IVANOFF - Baker, organiser of the co-operative producing the bread for the town of Jambol (26,000 inhabitants) after September 9th, 1945. For many years a fighter for freedom and social justice. Detained many times by the fascists and Bolsheviks. In “Cuciyan” for past month, because he criticised some Bolshevik bakers, and because he is an anarchist.

7. GUEORGUIE DIMITROFF KURTOFF (KARAMICAYLOFF) - journalist, formerly editor of “Rabotnicheska Missal.” Many years in fascist prisons. Interned (for 2nd time) in “Cuciyan” for past six months, for having written articles for the foreign anarchist press.

8. DONCHO CRISTOFF KARAIVANOFF - Age 26. Medical student. Brutally tortured and condemned to death by fascists. Brave fighter of the libertarian youth. In “Cuciyan” and “Tordoravo” (province of Silistrie) for past 9 months, for having taken part in student movements against the higher education decree, which is now law.

9. DONCHO MANDOFF - Age 26. Excluded from attending school on many occasions by the fascists. In Bolshevik camps for 2nd time. In Cuciyan for past month, simply for propagating anarchist ideas.

10. DOLCHO VASILEFF - Age 42, of Haskobo. Journalist and critic. Vegetarian for 20 years. The fascist killed his brother, and the Bolsheviks decided to kill him. In “Cuciyan” for past month because he spoke on behalf of anarchism at a public meeting.

11. GELLASKO MILANOFF RUSSEFF - Medical student. Detained many times and tortured by the fascists. In the “death camp” - “Cuciyan” for past 9 months, solely for taking part in a student movement in March, 1947.

12. ILIADIMITROFF MECHCAROFF - Age 21. Young anarchist - took part in the anti-fascist struggle as a guerilla. Like his brother, he has spent the past two years in the “camp of shadows” - “Bogdanovdol.” Was accused of having killed a Bolshevik. Although Bolshevik judges acquitted him, he has been held for past two years.

13. COSTADIN DIMITROFF COCHINOFF - Age 27, of Jambol. Architectural engineering student. Spent two and a half years in fascist prisons for taking part in a military conspiracy against fascism in 1942. In “Cuciyan” for past nine months for having dared to protest, by telegraph, to members of the government, at the time of the detention of the anarchist students.

14. KOSTAATANASOFF - Age 46. Tobacco worker at Philipoli. Became tubercular following persecution and exile under fascist regime. Won the sympathy of the tobacco monopoly workers for anarchism by his conduct and speeches. For that he has been interned 6 months in “Cuciyan.”

15. COSTODIN ILIEFF ZAJARINOFF - Age 28, of Padomir. Electrical engineering student; over a year in “black” labour division under fascism. Again in camps for past 7 months. Bolsheviks sent him to “Cuciyan” because he distributed tracts for the anniversary of Boteff.

16. KOLIO STOYANOFF KARDJALIYSKI - Age 25, of the village of MilhaltziKarlovsko, chemistry student. Also interned 7 months for trying to throw pamphlets on the tomb of his teacher, the anarchist revolutionary and poet, Cristo Boteff.

17. MANOLVASSEFF NICOLOFF - Age 49, of Haskovo. Worker in the tobacco monopoly. Ardent orator and propagandist for anarchism. Underwent 23 years of illegality, chased and judged by the fascists. This persecution only served to make his fight more heroic, his speeches more ardent. The fascists have interned him for the third time, a month ago, in “Cuciyan.”

18. MICAILSTOYANOFF MINDOFF - Age 29, of Nava Zagora. Printing worker. Interned nine months ago, for the second time, for publishing bulletins and other leaflets of the Anarchist Communist Federation.

19. NICOLINAEFTIMOVAGUEIRGUIEVA- Age 23, of Haskovo. Printing worker. Interned 3 months ago in “Najarevo”-Tutracansko, after having been horribly tortured by the Bolsheviks. His crime was that of helping his interned comrades and working for anarchism.

20. SLAVEYKO IVANOFF STOYANOFF - Chemistry student. Guerilla fighter prior to September 9th, 1945. Last 9 months in “Cuciyan” for having spoken against the higher education decree in March, 1947.

- Librarian. Imprisoned for eleven and a half years under fascist regime, three years under the death penalty. Health broken through persecution. Has been arrested and interned several times by Bolsheviks. Has been in “Cuciyan” for past month, simply for being an anarchist.

22. TASE ANDONOFF DOYCHINOFF - Medical student. Brother of Zinovi, a comrade killed by the Hitlerites. In “Cuciyan” on forced mining labour for past seven months for having thrown leaflets on Boteff’s tomb.

23. CRISTO KOLEFF IORDANOFF - Age 37, of Sofia. Technician and true anarchist. Sentenced by fascists three times prior to September 9th, 1945. Twice interned since Bolshevik seizure of power. Now in “Cuciyan.”

24. CRISTO MINKOFF - Farmer of Bani, Karlovsko. Anarchist. In “Cuciyan” for past month.

25. CRISTO KOLEFF - Age 21. Young anarchist, arrested and ill-treated by Bolsheviks several times. In “Cuciyan” for past month.

26. STEFAN KOTACOFF - of Plovdiv.

27. STANAS DIMITROFF - of Stara-Zagora.

28. IVAN KOLEFF - of Karlovsco.

29. KOEZAKARACOSTAFF - of Nova Zagora.

30. TEODOR ARNAUDOFF - School inspector of Nevrocop. Interned for past two year.

31. STANCO ZASAROFF FILCOFF - Teacher of Radomirsco.

32. GEORGU SIRAKOV - Arrested December 6th, 1947, now in the camp “Cuciyan.”

33. IVAN NEDIALKOV - Arrested December 7th, 1947, now in camp “Cuciyan.”

There are innumerable other comrades interned in the concentration camps of Cuciyan (near Pernick), Bogdanovdol, Nojarevo, Tadorovo, Bosna, and other camps in the Dobroudja and other parts of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, January, 1948