Blood, hellfire, damnation...

Submitted by Steven. on September 14, 2010

The following was posted on indymedia UK by A//E, March 2002. This is one example of a general trend of communications we receive. However, most of these folk just waste their own time with their ranting, he decided everyone should read his words of wisdom...

"We all have a choice ...

Were you all conscripted and forced by rifle butts to work for mcdonalds ? Had you no choice only the choice of suffering in poverty which would eventually lead to your deaths if you did'nt work for mcdonalds ?

You see the animals suffering and dieing at the hands of mcdonalds abattoirs,hundreds of thousands of bloody,pulped bodies by the day?... no,you're too busy fighting for more money and alleviation of boredom.

You see the rape of the rainforests and hundreds of thousands of acres of land across the earth levelled to provide space for cattle to graze later to be served by you disguised as'burgers' ?

You see the establishment of mcdonalds outlets sprawl across the world like a plague making vast profits to kill more animals and tear down more trees and move on and evict more indigenous peoples from the land mcdonalds are exploiting ?

You don't care,your a fucking joke,if you did care you would'nt have taken that interview to work for such a shitty,slimy,death mongering company.

I put it to you with your pseudo socialist'working class' belief that 'mcdonalds workers resistance'is a group of people working for change from within is total,absolute,lies...your site makes you look like you are just a bunch of pissed off,bored numbskulls who don't actually give a shit about any of the above.You come here and whine and make yourselves out to be 'weal webels'?Your site is full of discrepancies about nothing real,just that you'want'more money,your bored,you don't like this and you don't like that...makes it sound like you've been forced into some type of prison camp.

I put it to you that you are taking the piss out of IMC by regularly posting your bullshit in the hope of support and response from activists who will support you in your poor,hard done by plight to earn more money to buy more things for yourselves.

If the bosses of said horror company did pay you enough money your site would be left by you to rot and you'd be serving up arms,legs and stomach innards with 'fries' like there's no tommorow.

No peace until McDonalds is deceased."

No peace until McDonalds is deceased... by Webel Mon Mar 25 '02

Hi A//E,

It’s Webel here again. I used to be in MWR but now no longer work for McDonalds. However, I continue to help and support the group in any way I can and still see myself as part of MWR, even if decision making must rest with those still working there. I was one of a couple in the old group who argued hard to move us in the direction of anti-capitalism and to try and develop links with the ‘anti-capitalist’ movement. Seems a bit embarassing right now. These days I’m involved with a range of campaigns, not just MWR.

However, it’s true, MWR did start out because we were pissed off, bored and underpaid. And, in fairness, we probably didn’t understand very much beyond that. There’s no shame in that, did you come out the womb quoting comrade Kaczynski?

Thanks for the link to the vegetarian society with the chocolate recipes and advice on free range eggs. Unfortunately I’m vegan.

Also, it's always good to see a link to McSpotlight, who, of course, set up the support network for McDonalds workers when we were probably still at school.

Your obsession with the group is starting to concern me. You seem to post more stuff about MWR than it does. It’s very amusing that this post, a comment, is having a go at MWR’s use of IMC. As far as I know MWR’s posted maybe 5 messages on imc UK in the 4 years we’ve been organising (admittedly all since October 2001). The main reason they were posted is because we were suffering under the illusion that some people who worked for McDonalds or in other low paid casualised industries might look at this site... aye, OK, still learning. And, sure, to ask for help and solidarity from other workers and activists, help and solidarity we have always been delighted to reciprocate. Anyway, ‘To “MWR”?’ The address is [email protected] not imc UK’s news wire.

The numbskull web site is at: You will see, if you look closely, that we want an end to all wage labour, and a transformation to an ecological, communist society, but it’s not a good idea to start ranting on about that to every pissed off employee that wants to start fighting back. People learn and develop through being actively involved in struggles. We have anyway.

I wouldn’t say MWR were anarcho-syndicalists, there’s different oppinions and influences- everything from just how we felt when we started to... situationism.

DiSsident, the ‘bricks, steel poles and petrol bombs’ will be thrown by pissed off workers while you are still sitting at your computer. Do you think the people who have recently been on the streets of Argentina all avoided the economy(not through choice anyway), or somehow found ‘ethical employment’?

The Glasgow branch of MWR has a meeting every week and at the next one I’ll suggest that we put together a few pages explaining the politics and how they relate to ecological issues. It’s tiresome and depressing to keep having to respond to A//E. A//E, as you know, MWR, see their activities as part of a drive for revolutionary social change. A strategy that needn’t be in conflict with your revolutionary manifesto (indicated elsewhere) of encouraging the whole world to sign on. Solidarity to all benefit claimants, and also to people who choose alternative lifestyles, just a pity some of them are such moralistic, self-satisfied pricks. What is it you’re involved with anyway?, or is not working enough? We got no problem with folk blagging the dole, good luck to anyone who chooses to do that, but you got to recognise that for other people, folk not living in your subculture, unemployment (and boredom!) is a fucking serious problem that people fucking kill themselves over. But the ever escalating suicide rate is probably a good thing ‘cos it cuts down a population that was destroying the planet....

It is difficult to take a movement seriously that so gladly tolerates people who are so distanced from reality. It is not easy getting people interested in anti-capitalist ideas because to most people it’s a bizarre and irrelevant freak show. How the planet raping billions could have formed such a view is beyond me...

A//E (does that stand for accident and emergency by the way?), if I get someone to post your intelligent critique on the MWR web site will you stop writing about us?


No peace until McDonalds is deceased, No destroying McDonalds until we crawl out the ghetto,

Webel (in a personal capacity)

p.s. Jolly good thing the pits got shut down, saves those fucking miners from destroying the planet so they can buy stuff they don’t need.

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