E08:4: Jordan Peterson, Bisexuality & How To Unlearn Crap Behaviour

E08:4: Jordan Peterson, Bisexuality & How To Unlearn Crap Behaviour

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Question 4 on Episode 8 of Anarcho Agony Aunts

‘’Hi comrades. LOVE your show. Recently escaped falling down the Jordan Peterson hole and lefttube is largely to thank. I'm a bi cis guy and I've absorbed lots of homophobia/sexism over the years which I've internalised. I've only hooked up with other guys and I've never been in an emotionally intimate relationship at all. I often feel inadequate as a man and have anxiety that women won't be attracted to me because I'm too "feminine". Many just assume I'm gay. I know this is a problematic mindset but I'm working on it by dipping my toe into dating girls. As I'm tentative and anxious af about intimacy, I often get cold feet and then feel guilty for basically leading girls only to leave them hanging. Obvs I've got issues, but how can I explore my sexuality and build my confidence up without being such a wasteman?’’

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