Submitted by Steven. on November 6, 2011

Fascism is a populist, collectivist and statist movement opposed to “monopoly” capitalism and communism. Although fascism recruits from all social classes it attracts mainly the middle classes since it appears to offer an “alternative to bolshevism” while permitting them to maintain their interests by establishing themselves as the Third Force between multi-national and state capitalism.

Fascism feeds on dissatisfaction, rancour, exaggerated nationalism, anticommunism and racial prejudice: all traits which flourish in times of political and social insecurity.

Fascism has produced no rational system of ideas and has special appeal to those who lack the critical ability to bring together all the relevant facts and factors when assessing a situation and their own emotions; people who either through habit or inertia have become totally dependent on others for their opinions and who find uncritical obedience to authority both comfortable and advantageous.