Submitted by Spartacus on January 19, 2011


ACTU — Australian Council of Trade Unions
AMIEU — Australasian Meatworkers Union
AMWU — Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
ASU — Australian Services Union
AWU — Australian Workers Union
BLF — Builders Labourers Federation
BWIU — Building Workers Industrial Union
CEPU — Communications Electrical and Plumbers Union
CFMEU — Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union
CPSU — Community and Public Sector Union
ETU — Electrical Trades Union
LHMWU — Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union
MEAA — Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance
MUA — Maritime Union of Australia
NTEU — National Tertiary Education Union
NUW — National Union of Workers
QCU — Queensland Council of Unions
QPSU — Queensland Public Sector Union
SUA —Seamen's Union of Australia
TCFU — Textile Clothing and Footwear Union
TLC — Trades and Labor Council
TWU — Transport Workers Union
VTHC — Victorian Trades Hall Council
WWF — Waterside Workers Federation

Political Organisations

ALP — Australian Labor Party
CPA— Communist Party of Australia
DLP — Democratic Labor Party (distinguished from the ALP by the greater influence of Catholic Church)
ISO — International Socialist Organisation
Labor — Australian Labor Party (The ALP took the "u"™ out of "labour")
SA — Socialist Alliance
WPO — workers' political organisation

Government Agencies

ACCC — Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
AIRC — Australian Industrial Relations Commission
ASIO — Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
CES — Commonwealth Employment Service
DEWR — Commonwealth Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

Other Organisations

BLHA — Brisbane Labour History Association
3CR — Community Radio Station in Melbourne
Workers First — A militant section of the AMWU in the 1990s and early 2000s

Other Terms

AWA — Australian Workplace Agreement
BCII — Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act
CA — Certified Agreement
EBA — Enterprise Bargaining Agreement
NDT — No Disadvantage Test
TPA — Trades Practices Act 1974
WorkChoices — Australian Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Act 2005.
WRA — Australian Workplace Relations Act 1996