Industrial Pioneer (March 1921)

Industrial Pioneer (March 1921)

March 1921, Vol. 1, No. 2, Serial No. 2 issue of the Industrial Pioneer, an early publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.


-At the grave of Karl Liebknecht by Theodor Plievier
-The German martyrs and the IWW by Tom Barker
-Eugene V. Debs by Jessie Wallace Hughan
-The fiftieth anniversary of the Paris Commune by George Andreytchine
-The Industrial Workers of the World by Laura Payne Emerson
-Causes for war - 1921
-Industrial efficiency, editorial
-Industrial Research Bureau of the Industrial Workers of the World
-Life on the New York water front by Card No. 200824
-The inefficiency of capitalism by Charles Beard
-"Old dry bones" by W.I. Fisher
-Crafts on the sea by Julia C. Coons
-"California oranges" by J.A. Stromquist
-Technique and Revolution by G. Cannata
-The wastes of war by the IWW Bureau of Industrial Research
-The glass industry by Robert Grayson
-To the Russian Red Guard by Ralph Chaplin
-The story of the sea by Tom Barker
-Defense news by John Martin
-To Soviet Russia, an American workingman speaks by Charles Ashleigh
-Labor demands resumption of trade with Russia
-The Berlin Conference of Syndicalist and Industrial Unions by H. Van Dorn
-The class war in Spanish-speaking countries by Frank J. Guscetti
-The International Council of Trade and Industrial Unions by A. Lozovsky
-Book reviews

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