Appendix 2 - Letter to the boss

Submitted by Steven. on August 30, 2006

Letter #2 - Metro United Up Yours Committee

Dear Bob:

The purpose of this letter is to fill you in on what's happening on the street in front of JeffBoat.

I hope you understand the situation with the picketing. You pay us half of the industry standard wage. You try to force us to work in the rain. You try to make us work when there's lightening overhead. You waste our time with your petty little jackshit "safety requirements" to make sure your ass is covered for the insurance reps but you won't do a damn thing to really insure our safety. You drag us to your drug tests like we're puppies that pissed on the carpet. You work us like slaves and, after we've cut your stinking manhours and filled a great order for another customer, you hand us a $10 bonus.

We're sick and tired of your bullshit, Bob. And we not going to take it. Not one second longer.

We haven't taken any disciplinary action against you, Bob, we've just stopped working. You may fear you're not going to keep getting rich by bleeding us and our lives dry, but that's not true. Your customers are waiting for you and their orders are still on the table.

But they're going to stay on the damned table until we get back a little of the wealth we create for you, Bob.

We're asking that you get a conscience, Bob. We are requiring that you take a long look in the mirror and realize what a drag it is for the rest of us to have to see you. We've had to see you and put up with what you represent so damned long that we're willing to risk our jobs to fix it, to make it good. Discipline us all you want. Bring it on.

We all want JeffBoat to be a good place to work where working people can make enough money to support our families, to be sure we are safe and can return to them in health, and to be treated with some dignity and respect.