Michael Heinrich - How to Read Marx's Capital

"In this explosive new commentary written by the world’s leading scholar on Marx, Michael Heinrich brings a rejuvenating fire to the important task of reading Capital, dispensing with obsolete interpretations while highlighting underrecognized problems. By clarifying the stakes of Marx’s critique of political economy and arguing for its contemporary relevance, Heinrich leaves us with a project which is open-ended and politically serious. Both new students and long-time teachers of Marx will benefit immensely from this text, as nothing of this depth has ever been available in English until now."

—Edward “Edwad” Henry, co-host of Reel Abstractions podcast

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wonder if MH cares his stuff is on here. Don't guess anyone's requested to have MH's stuff taken down yet. Funny also that edwad's praise made it in the book. Didn't think he's done anything of note besides having a twitter and podcast. Here's the publisher's page if anyone wants to buy/support.