Points of unity

Submitted by Juan Conatz on June 29, 2014

We are revolutionary anarchists who believe in the elimination of all forms of oppression.

We are against capitalism because of its inherently exploitative and alienating character and its need to put profits above anything else. We want to replace it with mutual aid and a cooperative, bottom-up, and democratic form of communism where those who work control the means of production. We go by the maxim: “To each according to their need, from each according to their ability.”

We are against the nation-state because it is the main tool of the ruling class to keep power in the hands of a small elite, centralizing power away from our communities. We want to replace it with directly democratic decision making structures that allow for all involved and effected to have a meaningful say in the direction of their community and world.

We are against the oppression of women and for women’s liberation. We believe in full equality in all aspects of life, unapologetically support reproductive freedom and women’s control of their own bodies.

We encourage leadership and participation of women, and feel no one can be free when half the world is not.

We are against white supremacy and all forms of imperialism, racism, chauvinism, and reactionary nationalism. We uphold the right of oppressed people to self-determination and cultural diversity. We encourage leadership of and participation by people of color.

We are against heterosexism, homophobia, and the simplicity of the dual gender system. We are for the liberation of lesbian, transgendered, gay, bi, and all queer people.

We uphold the right all people to self-defense by any means necessary.

We believe in the creation of dual power and actively work towards building a new world in the shell of the old politically, culturally, and economically by both challenging and confronting oppressive institutions as well as creating our own.

We are skeptical of, but do not outright reject, reformist politics. We believe that reforms are a necessary, but by no means a complete, part of the revolutionary project and will continue to push for revolutionary solutions even after reformative ones win victories.

We are dedicated to the principles of criticism/self-criticism. No one is above being criticized and we view it as a healthy, productive aspect of strategizing and organizing. We do not mold the world to our politics but mold our politics to the ever changing world.

We believe in solidarity and consider all those fighting for a more just, equal, and fair world our allies in a general sense. We will defend all comrades against attack. We will support, to one degree or another, all movements working to build revolution in the world and break the chains of oppression.