6. The Composition of the Revolutionary Organisation


All sections of the working class who recognise the need to overthrow capitalism and who want to create an anarchist communist society will be united inside the organisation. Elements of other classes and strata who see the need for the victory of the working class will also be gathered inside the organisation. Blue collar and white collar workers, elements of the working intelligentsia and scientific strata will work together in the realisation of the revolution. The intellectual has a role to play in helping to clarify positions inside the organisation, but he/she should never have a privileged position inside it. In fact the practicality of working class people very often outstrips the intellectual in theory and practice. Workers must be the vast majority inside a revolutionary organisation.

The revolutionary organisation will fight in the newly created workplace and neighbourhood structures on an ideological level against authoritarian groups. It will work within the working class to ensure that these structures function with the full participation of all on an equal basis and to fight against any party or organisation that aims to take power in the name of the working class. If the Leninists try to use force to destroy the gains of the working class then the anarchist organisation must be fully prepared to combat them on a physical level and to help other working class people to prepare for this eventuality. It follows on from this that in the revolutionary period the anarchist organisation must call for and assist in the arming of all working people for defence against their enemies and for the formation of workers militias under the control of the mass organisations.

The anarchist organisation does not dissolve itself immediately after the initial insurrectionary phase of the revolution. Is must continue to grow in order to struggle until anarchist communism is fully achieved. As this ideal is realised, the organisation becomes looser and eventually disappears completely.

The anarchist organisation should see itself in the revolutionary period as a tendency in the revolutionary movement. It should be prepared to exist with other tendencies as only constant debate in the class can ensure that correct decisions are made.