Servants no more - Workhouse

Servants no more - Workhouse

Servants no more: the rank-and-file answer to civil service cuts was a short pamphlet published in the UK in 1988 by rank-and-file civil servants' group Workhouse.

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Dec 8 2012 16:49


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Dec 10 2012 19:16

Thanks for putting this up. I hope there's more stuff from Workhouse about cause, whilst I knew there was a former rank-and-file group I haven't been able to find out much about them and - especially as we try to establish a new one - stuff like this would come in very useful.

Dec 10 2012 22:30

This is all I have, from a collection donated by K Bullstreet, but if anyone else has any please let us know. The button used to be in CPSA, maybe he might know more information or have some more stuff?