State and capital: a Marxist debate - John Holloway and Sol Picciotto

First published in 1979, this books contains a collection of texts from the German 'state derivation' debate, with an introductory essay by John Holloway and Sol Picciotto.

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Mar 22 2012 23:14

Thanks for posting this!

Mar 23 2012 11:24

Wow brilliant! Its great to have this online.

Mar 23 2012 12:30
SpaƟmaschine wrote:
Thanks for posting this!

No worries, when I get some free time over the summer there is some more stuff I'll posted up.

Nov 1 2012 11:48

the pages on this pdf all seem to be blank....

Nov 1 2012 18:13
Arbeiten wrote:
the pages on this pdf all seem to be blank....

It worked fine for me when I clicked on it now. Not sure what the issue could be really.

Jul 14 2013 20:27

The pages were all blank for me, too (on OSX). Here's a version that seems OK.

Aug 7 2013 20:10

The Elmar Altvater chapter is a short excerpt of a longer article, the whole version is here:
(I haven't read it yet.)