Table of Contents

Submitted by ludd on December 29, 2010

Gawking Heads
editorial by art tinnitus & the pw collective

The Readers Talk Back
responses to pw's readers' survey

Safe and Sorry: The Legacy of AIDS
analysis by green fuchsia

by margot pepper

A Love Poem
poem by bruce isaacson

Spectacle For Sale
tale of toil by adam quest

Hazzard Pay
poem by roger coleman

by paris, blazey, jon swift, jim daniels, patrick worth gray & d.s. black

Art Art!
by merle kessler

Jesse's World
by gregg nakanishi & ann henry

Art? What Art?
introduction to pw art survey, spring 1989, by p. morales & the collective

Why We Live, or, Being vs Nothingness
tale of art toil by mark burbey

Spooky Days of the Wide-Eyed
fiction by jaques servin

Musing on the Chance of Unheralded Destruction
poem by ivan arguelles

Execution By Ping-Pong
fiction by gregory burnham

Walking Out Tomorrow
fiction by anne ellsworth

Hell On the 33rd Floor
fiction by elisa decarlo

Iggy The Mad Russian
fiction by frank ananicz

by bert myers

Lost History
review of dennis hayes' behind the silicon curtain, by primitivo. morales

from our readers

Almost Midnight
poem by d.s. black