Thi say (Dec 1984) / Libelled / In conclusion (Feb 1985)

Submitted by R Totale on May 1, 2020


Mam says that when we’ve won
She’ll go an’ buy a joint o’ meat
We’ll all ‘ave pocket money
An’ new shoes upon us feet

An’ then she’ll ‘ave ‘er ‘air done
An’ she’ll buy mi dad a ‘jar’
An’ we’ll ‘ave trips ter’t seaside
When we’ve paid t’road tax on t’car

Mi dad won’t go an’ picket
‘Cos theer won’t be no more strike
An’ when we’ve got all straightened up
They’re buying me a bike

This year we’ll ‘ave an ‘oliday
We’ll ‘appen go to Spain
An’ they’ll bring our telly back
When dad’s in work again

But I can’t talk to our Uncle Charlie any more
It seems ‘is legs ‘ave gone all black
An’ ‘ee ‘as got a sore
Mi Gran sez Uncle Charlie ‘as betrayed ‘is kith an’ kin
‘Ee’s not a son of ‘ers no more
Since ‘ees been goin’ in

Mi Grandad wishes ‘ee could go an’ picket with the rest
But ‘ee dun’t gerrabout much
‘Cos ‘ees got dust on ‘is chest
‘Is ‘ead looks like blue marble
An’ ‘is face is ashen grey
But Gran sez ‘ee were quite a Labour Fighter in ‘is day

She sez that it were men like ‘im
As fought for’t NUM
An’ we’d be daft to let ‘em
Get us on us knees agen.

December 1984


I tried to walk the middle road
"Sweet reason" was my cry
I said I was a Moderate
Extremist? No, not I

I’ll grant my roots are working class
But, segregation’s sin
How did I earn the label of
"The Enemy Within"?


You ask me, "Will we lose"?
Well I can’t answer friend
The State has turned against us all it’s might
But when the Cause is Just
No matter what the end
We have no choice....
We have to Stand and Fight

February 1985

This is just a summary of my feelings on the situation.