Workers Wild West

Workers Wild West

Archive of Workers Wild West, a newspaper written by, and mainly for, West London warehouse workers for the purposes of propaganda, inquiry and mutual support.


Comrades, sisters and brothers,

We want to present the first issue of our local newspaper and invite you to collaborate with us in future. Our starting point is that in these desperate and hopeful times political collectives should try to experiment in how to bring three elements of revolutionary activity closer together:

– PROPAGANDA: Presenting a political position within the local working class which denounces capitalism as an exploitative and crisis-ridden system that increasingly steers towards war and which only the global proletariat can oppose

– INQUIRY: Explaining this position in close relation to workers’ actual experiences on the shop-floor and in the area, through collective inquiry and circulation of information regarding the strength and weaknesses of self-organised activities against the bosses – we will largely have to deal with the divisions within the working class

– MUTUAL SUPPORT: Proposing and supporting the establishment of workers’ groups at work and local practical solidarity networks of mutual support against bosses, state agents, landlords etc.

During the last year we’ve made friends and experiences in the local warehouse districts of West-London

– see

This year we want to start publishing and circulating 2,000 copies of a local newspaper, mainly in front of warehouses, food processing plants, local hospitals and job centres. The local workers are predominantly from Eastern Europe and South Asia. We hope that the monthly distribution of the newspaper will help in setting up an information and solidarity network, including through social events such as film screenings etc.

[ h4]How can we collaborate?[ /h4]

We are eager to exchange experiences with individuals and collectives which engage in similar activities of regular political propaganda and analysis of the difficulties of workers’ self-organisation.

We need information about struggles abroad, with a focus on warehouse and logistics work. If you have any first- or second-hand reports concerning this sector, please write to us (in any of the languages into which we have translated this letter).

We will try to document the process of making the newspaper and throw our trials-and-errors back into the debate.

Keep in touch – Love and Rage from West-London