Anti-SONA protest in the Philipines

An account of anarchists in the Philipines demonstrating at SONA - state of the nation address by the president.

A group of anarchist demonstrators wearing mask, around 30 individuals,
(with black clothes tied on in their face) unpredictably showed up from
Aurora Avenue, Cubao Quezon City staging uncompromising rebellion against
the State of the Nation Address or SONA.

Circle A black flag was waved in the air, along with green and black and
red and black flags that symbolizes an ever-expanding expression of
solidarity in the struggle for radical social change and liberation that
are inclusive for all common people and every walks of life not solely
amongst activists circles and political movements .

Along the intersection of EDSA and Aurora Avenue, anarchists protestors
reclaimed the streets, blockaded and stopped the flow of traffic where
cars and busses unable to resume in more or less 15 minutes. Three big
banners were stretch to the public eye to every commuters and passersby
saying Kalayaan, Kapayapaan at Pagkapantay-pantay(Freedom, Peace,
Equality), Estado at Kapitalismo Terorismo sa Kalikasan at Sangkatauhan
(State and Capitalism Terrorism to Nature and Humanity), Wasakin ang
Kagutuman, Itigil ang Pagpapautang, Pagkain para sa lahat( Abolish Hunger,
End Debt, Food for All).

Leaflets were hand-outed outlining the domination of the State, the work
and social institution responsible for the ongoing exploitation and

While protesting and public speech, vandalism was irresistible. The
surrounding landscape of the protest area was overtly spray-painted and
smashed with “unlawful” messages questioning the root causes of oppression
and domination. It directly argues for the complete abolition of the
“State and Capital” and the underlying social institution that engineers
inequality, slavery, colonization and death.

Following afterwards, leaderless dissidents marched in motion going into
the direction of Quezon City Hall. Traffic appears to be following the
march and cannot even get through resuming in full from EDSA northbound to
East Avenue. Horns were blown caused by delayed traffic whilst vandalism
still going on in every corners of corporate and business establishment,
government buildings and traffic policy infrastructures.

A Philippine flag hanging outside in one government office building was
severely attacked and uprooted and another one in a different direction
was vandalized with Circle A symbol. Drums, speakers and music were tuned
while protests continue. Two security personnel guarding government
offices responded to the attack but were too late to follow through.

Some protestors realized that most people on the streets including
sidewalk vendors, jeepney drivers, commuters and passersby were not
getting freaked out while having witness the action amidst uncontrollable
acts of vandalism and property damage initiated by anarchist rebels.

Traffic officials, government workers, and some cops witness the action
but once again were totally freeze on the ground unable to respond to the

On the other hand, thousands of left-wing activists were protesting closer
to where the President speaks after having been given by the State a legal
permit to revolt.

The anarchist protest action last for 1 and a half hour of property
destruction that instigate hope beyond reform and compromise.

SONA is an annual accomplishment speech of the existing ruling president
Benigno "Noynoy" Simeon Aquino III hijacking the faith of the public
masses, backed up by the media, a spectacle of lies, expropriation and
greed to secure the interest of the elite ruling class and the privilege
few, parasitic wealthy businessmen, industrialists and foreign capitalist
investors eyeing to make huge profit at the expense of the degradation of
the environment through natural- resource extraction such as mining, dams
etc. and taking advantage of the cheap labor code authorized by the
Department of Labor and Employment that necessitates further inhuman
exploitation and blighted lives.

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