Antifascist rally in Southwark

Last Saturday 24th of November 70 antifascists braved the icy cold to attend the rally called by the Anarchist Federation-IFA and Antifa in memory of the sixteen year old antifascist who had been killed on the 11th of November by a member of a nazi party in Madrid, Spain

Antifascist rally at Southbank.
. The memorial rally gathered around the monument to the international brigade in the Jubilee Gardens, Southbank, at noon and, despite this area being inside the exclusion zone around parliament created by Socpa, no police presence was evident. The protesters held placards with the face of the murdered teenager, and denounced the way in which ideas traditionally held by the far right have become part of the accepted main political discourse throughout Europe and the UK, particularly around issues like immigration, and in many cases thanks to a certain sector of the mass media.
The rally finished at 1 p.m. after keeping a minute of silence in memory of the murdered antifascist.

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Nov 26 2007 16:55


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