Queen's Market under threat

Queen's Market is under threat from a 'regeneration' project by Newham Council, but a group of campaigners is working to save it.

Submitted by Steven. on February 19, 2006

The 100 year old Queen's Market in London's Newham is a lifeline to local people. Over 150 stalls and shops provide work and affordable food to the area's many low-income residents.

Newham Council want to knock it all down and build a new ASDA, amongst other atrocities. 'Development' company St. Mowdens are bidding for a contract that would demolish existing houses in favour of 200 new flats - offering first refusal to Newham local people.

And refuse most of them will have to, as no social-housing flats are on offer. St. Mowdens were previously involved in a similar 'development' project in nearby Edmonton Green Market. And the outcome of that? Domination by the chainstores as the local
stallholders went bust.

Friends Of Queen's Market are a pressure group made up of people who use and work in the market. Frequent demos outside the Council
Offices and a 12,000 strong petition are all part of an active campaign to preserve the community's autonomy. If you are in the
area get involved.

[email protected] or phone
Sasha on 08956 649 696

from Schnews.